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Our walk in Peloponnese

This narrow gage cog train climbs from Diakofto to Kalavryta along the Vouraikes Gorge, but we are walking

Crossing the railway bridge

Look out for trains - note the cogs in the track to pull the train up the mountain

Really look out for trains

The half way station - Zachlorou

The path leads from the railway station at Zachlorou up to ...

... the Monastery of Mega Spillia

The train leaves Zachlorou

End of the line at Kalavryta


Goat herder

This water powered flour mill is still used - it's not just a tourist show

The valley between Planitero and Likouria, nice walking in the mountains

Spaceship landing pad, also doubles as a wheat threshing floor

Likouria - the bus is leaving and there is no accommodation


Beautiful medieval hill top village of Dhimitsana

Cobbled streets of Dhimitsana

Bridge on the Louisos River
Great way marked walk - downhill too!

Some of the better path leading to the Museum of Water Power

The new Monastery of Kalamiou suddenly appears through the forest

At the new Monastery

Kalamiou old Monastery

Descending from the Monastery

Lovely Louisos, worn rocks

Nice path huh?

This Chapel is at the end of the Louisos walk

Karetina - another smaller medieval hill top village

The Karetina fort

Byzantine Chapel in Karetina

Enjoying the local wine at Karetina, the only tavern was shut so it's spam and biscuits for dinner

We took the bus to Kardamille, stayed 3 days

Great footpath leading up into the hills behind Kardamille

Every family used to have their own chapel ...

.... and the hills are dotted with them - all sizes, all ages

Detailed carvings on a church

Down the path towards Old Kardamille

Old Kardamille - note tower house

Old Kardamille - church

Pam considers the Viros Gorge - we have to descend to the bottom and climb back out the other side

Viros Gorge

Abandoned monastery tucked away in the Gorge

The path will take us along the river bed (not recommended in the wet)

Luckily there is rope to assist the climb out of the river bed

Beautiful zigzag path takes us back up the mountain

Touching up the white wash

Path is walled on both sides here

Remains of an ancient olive oil press outside an abandoned monastery

Tip toe through the tulips (or whatever) with me

Look out for falling ..

... rocks

Abandoned monastery

Remains of a tower house guards the valley

Hillside village in the mountains near Kardamille

Kardamille walking paths, all waymarked, all different ...

... joined the mountain villages

Kardamille harbour

Back at Kardamille, Jeff takes a swim - got out just as quick, water freezing

Aeropoli church

Detail on the church entrance

Aeropoli has many tower houses

Here comes the garlic shop

Waiting for the bus to whisk us away to Gythio and Sparti


Finally a genuine Greek fishing boat - Gythio

Lunch is almost ready

Here the Prince of Troy consumated his love affair with Helen (wife of Sparta's king) starting the Trojan wars

World Heritage Listed Mystras, near Sparta


Beautifully restored ...

... the nunnery is still occupied



Looking back into the fertile Sparta valley

On the way up to the Venetian fort

Eagles eye view of Mystras

On to Nafplio, the old capital of Greece ...

... for dinner

This fort guards the harbour ...

... whilst this fort guards the town

Lions are popular