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Our walks in Crete

We arrived at Hania - the old Venetian port

Dawn at Hania

Mosque… or Church?

Hamman (Turkish baths) - Hania

One of many chapels along the coast

Hrisokalitissa Monastery

Beginning of the Crete coastal path, near Elafonissos

E4 on the south coast of Crete

Blue sea, blue sky, white chapel

Roman rock (milestone) rotting on the beach

Necropolis at Lissos - Roman

Chapel constructed with recycled stuff, Lissos

Weird flower - only grows in the gorges

Roman baths, Lissos

South coast of Crete

Lissos Gorge

All up on the Agia Irini Gorge

Agia Irini Gorge, more up

You could drive from Agia Irini to Ormalos at the start of the Samaria Gorge, but ...

... why would you when there is a beautiful old stone path across the mountains

Goats feeding beside a roadside chapel

Inside the chapel

Levka Ori - the White Mountains

The path descends into the Samaria Gorge

Stepping stones to cross the stream

Cairn city

Chapel in the Gorge

The old Samaria village, abandoned after the Gorge was declared a National Park

Park ranger chatting with rescuer on donkey - if the Samaria Gorge gets too much, a donkey can take you back

Samaria Gorge, and this isn't the really narrow bit!

Bridge across the stream in Samaria Gorge

Samaria Gorge Portes - this is the really narrow bit - 3 metres wide 300 metres high

Samaria Gorge Chapel

Agia Roumeli Byzantine church

Agia Roumeli beach front town

Agios Pavlos (St Paul's) - a remote Byzantine chapel on the beach

Looking back along the E4

Venetian castle above Loutro

Loutro - only access by ferry boat or walking


The old donkey path on the Killikratiano Gorge leading into the mountains from Frangokastello

Killikratis church

Agiroupolis village

Agiroupolis church

Rethimno water front

Rethimno mosque

Light house at Rethimno

Rethimno castle

Rethimno old quarter

Mili Gorge, near Rethimno - a series of disused water mills ground the wheat

Water channel in Mili Gorge

Descending into the Imbros Gorge

Imbors Gorge

Path in the Imbros Gorge

The Imbros Gorge gets narrower ...

... and narrower

More Imbros Gorge


Byzantine Church outside Hora Sfakion

Hora Sfakion

View of Loutro from the hotel window

Spot the path on the cliff face?

Path to Askyfou

Private war museum at Askyfou

Askyfou church

Lush valley - Askyfou

Crossing the stream near Asomatos

Down the gorge to Preveli Beach (palm beach)

The new Preveli monastery

The old Preveli monastery

Windy beach - Plakais

Valley of the dead - Zakros to Kato Zakros - Minoans buried their dead in the cliff caves

Fishing boats - Kato Zakros

This is the end of the E4 trail in eastern Crete - Kato Zakros

Ruins of Minoan city at Kato Zakros

Green grocers - Horta, wild greens

Mosque at Ierapetra

Venetian fort at Ierapetra

Top of a Byzantine church at Episkopi


Krista Gorge - much pink oleander

Krista Gorge - strange rock formations

Lasithi Plateau - canals and windmills courtesy of the Venetians

Windmills, still in use, dot the Lasithi Plateau

Surrounded by mountains

More old windmills on the edge of the plateau

VERY steep descent, 600 meters, down the Rossi Gorge

Jelly legs at the bottom

Venetian harbour at Iraklion

Something at Iraklion

Iraklion skyline

Knossos mural - ancient Minoan city

Another mural at the Knossos site

Knossos throne room

Minoan pots at Knossos